Asset Management / Property Management / Facility Management


Im Immobilienbereich syncronisieren wir unsere Aktivitäten mit den Anforderungen unserer Mandaten.

Beginning with team selection, we plan all events, check activities of all team members and external parties, realize a handsome reporting.

To be able to deliver all just-in-time information we are trained to work transparent and according customer compliance rules. For this we use our multilingual cloud based solution ingegrating all partners.

Examples of our activities:

  • Interim Manager (CEO) for a Real Estate fund ( Germany & Italy - 60 Million 220 Million )
  • Draft check & Due Diligence for a Real Estate Portfogli ( 80 Million Euros, Distressed )
  • Property Manager ( condominium 120 Units ) as Interim-Manager
  • Managing with a Team some distressed properties ( commercial & residential ) till the exit.
  • Finding Investors, prececk and transaction services till Exit.
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