Project CREIS

REMO (Real Estate Monitor) is the web-based software solution. It consists of two databases - one documentary, and one performance measurement part. It generates informative, authoritative and well-defined benchmarks for different asset classes.

As a pioneer and  market  leader in the field of  property benchmarking, REMO is thelargest REM/FM database in the German-speaking countries, withdatafrom 1994-2012 frommorethan 8.200 commercial properties over245 companies and with net floors pace of around 81 million sqm.

CONact is founding partner of the CREIS-cooperative and exclusive Partner in Italy.

Our aim is to map all requirements of the market in one database. This includes:

  • all asset classes from office to residential
  • the life cycle of a building from project development to demolition
  • all needs of the key players from architects to tenants

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